Absolutely thrilled with last night’s awards at the #TransformAwards, especially the Grand Prix award, two golds, a silver and a bronze all for Mustard creative recruitment agency. 

Our thanks to client Ian Coulson for allowing us to be audacious, and Scott Perry, Bard of Bray, strategy partner and copywriter extraordinaire. 

This is what the judges said: 
Shifting focus from simply filling roles to considering the crucial, emotional moment when a candidate finds the exact right opportunity provided recruitment agency Mustard with the inspiration for a rebrand. It worked with Kimpton Creative to use humour to break the tension in the job-hunting process. 

Mustard transformed the recruitment process from stressful to creative, emotional to decision-making, reactive to proactive. 

“Shocking, bold, bolshy and thought-provoking,” said one judge. 

Another added, “One of the best entries I have ever seen. They have really thought about their target audience. It highlighted the urgency felt when recruiting and looking for a new role in a simple, but effective way.”

To win the ‘Grand prix,’ a company has to not only rebrand effectively, but it has to redefine its own role within its sector, and, like Mustard, redefine its sector through rebranding. Creative industry recruitment has always been a challenge. But, Mustard recognised the opportunity to reframe recruitment. Instead of focusing on transactions, Mustard wanted to highlight its ability to find the exact right person for the right opportunity.
It worked with Kimpton Creative on a copy style that is fun, reassuring and has a sense of the imperative to it. Peppered with words like ‘shall,’ ‘must’ and ‘can,’ the copy style speaks to creatives in their own language. The visual identity kept things simple, using simple colours, striking letterforms and quality printed materials to communicate Mustard’s offer. 

Throughout the awards, judges – members of the creative community themselves – thought this brand stood out. 

“I think they have completely understood their target audience. It’s witty, fun and like nothing else in the sector,” said one judge. 

Another said, “I love this brand and strategy. It’s the perfect balance of looking good and sound great.” Its authenticity, creative thought and originality rang true, making it a worthy winner of this year’s Transform Awards ‘Grand prix.’ 

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