Brand identity and website

Purcell are a top 10 UK architectural practice with offices across the UK and Hong Kong. For over six decades they’ve been involved in evolving some of the UK’s most important buildings in heritage consultancy and conservation architecture.

They required a new brand strategy and identity that reflected the practice as it is today. The strategy was provided in partnership with strategy consultant Amanda Yensa Manor.

At the heart of the strategy was their core proposition ‘Thoughtfully designed evolution’. This inspired our logo, which references a continuously progressing journey, future opportunities, and of course architecture. We introduced a more confident use of their logo on submission documents and proposals, placing it front and centre, so that it overlays and integrates with their client’s projects, shown as photos. Greyscale images with a palette of colour overlays became a central part of their visual language, creating consistency with flexibility.

Since rebranding Purcell, the perception of the practice has changed, allowing them to present current work in a more confident design-focused way. As a result the practice has secured significantly bigger projects. This allowed Purcell to work on 23% fewer projects and enter into 43% fewer bids while securing a 29.5% (£3.27m) increase in turnover from £11.09m in 2012 to £14.36m in 2014.

– Turn over increased by 29.5% over two years
– The company size increased by 43% over two years
– They were able to add 6 more offices over two years (going from 12-18)
– Awarded Silver at the Design Effectiveness Awards 2016
– Awarded Gold at the Transform Awards Europe 2016

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