30 Gresham Street

Commercial property marketing campaign

30 Gresham Street is Land Securities’ commercial development right in the heart of the City. We built a campaign around its location, using the number 30 and the square mile.

We designed a book of 30 photographs, which accompanied a booklet with a 30 word title and 30 word messasges. There were four small square booklets that promoted the area, ‘30 minutes around Gresham Street’, ‘30 illustrious neighbours’, ‘30 ways to Gresham Street’ and ‘30 points of view’. These were all square and were delivered in a one foot square box.

On location, we provided thought provoking and inspirational business quotes, on giant shopping bags where retail space was to go and a giant book in the office reception area.

The tone of communications was appropriate to its audience, CEO level leaders of global businesses. It was fully let in three months to Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, the exact profile of organisation targeted.

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