Brand identity

BKL is a firm of accountants and tax advisers, with over 180 people based in London and Cambridge. Following a number of mergers and continued growth, they were keen for their brand identity to reflect their full range of services and expertise, as well as their values and personality.

We helped to define their brand strategy, which centred around the core proposition and existing BKL value of ‘Making a difference’. This might be to their clients, to the business, to their careers, to their community.

From this base, we crafted a set of words that concludes with BKL. Build Bright. This means that BKL builds bright ideas, bright relationships and bright futures.

This is reflected in a visual identity that uses an angle in the logo to divide what is untouched by BKL and what is inspired by BKL.

We created a set of materials that creates contrasts between the two sides of the slant, by embossing and debossing, varnishing, black and white to coloured imagery.

We have rolled out the identity to stationery, reports, folders, brochures, adverts, building signage and their website.

The identity has been very well received by staff and clients.

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