Brand identity

Innolith’s battery technology is a game-changing scientific breakthrough that delivers the world’s first safe Grid-Grade battery to power utilities. With variables such as growing energy demand, burgeoning electric vehicles and renewable energy generation, the power grid is under increasing strain. It is Innolith’s aim to manage and alleviate this pressure by fundamentally transforming the sector through safe energy storage. They will do so by providing grid operators with inorganic batteries that are high power, have world-class energy throughput and are non-flammable. This solves the longstanding issues of all current lithium batteries – fire risk and limited charging cycles.

The inspiration for our identity comes from ‘the grid’ and reflects Innolith’s core proposition: ‘Keeping the lights on around the world’. The grid of dots we have created flexes across touchpoints: forming icons, working as an overlay over imagery and creating patterns. Within the remit of the identity was the design of stationery, their website, PowerPoint presentations, signage and pop-up banners for their buildings in Switzerland and Germany, and the livery of their ‘Grid banks’ (shipping containers that hold enough batteries to power a town).
Following the launch of the identity and stepping into the spotlight, Innolith has had approaches from significant potential partners and financial institutions. Their world and our world is very likely about to change.

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