Bankside 123

Commercial property marketing campaign

Bankside 123 was named after its three office buildings.

The challenge was to encourage large business away from the city and base themselves on the South Bank. This required us to think about how to sell the area as much as the development.

We divided the marketing literature into a three brochure set: ‘work’—detailed information about the scheme; ‘rest’—information about the area, bars, restaurants and cultural venues and ‘play’— a bit of fun to emphasise what a great area Bankside is to inspire staff.

The theme was carried across to all communication materials, including: a lenticular three stage map, a meeting room glass table with three layers of different information plotted on a map and all the display graphics within the marketing suite.

Key to their marketing was the website, which used the theme as a structure for its navigation.

The development was 100% let in three months.

It was a winner of Design Week and Benchmark awards.

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