Potential Plus International


We have completed an identity for Potential Plus International, a leadership development consultancy who work with global organisations.

Through a workshop with the client, we formulated a brand strategy and a brief to develop an identity that reflects the ‘extra’ that Potential Plus provides businesses and leaders in an elegant and distinguished way.

We designed a logo that was inspired by the language of luxury brands with a monogram that features an initial pair of intertwined letter ‘P’s to create a ‘plus’ symbol in gold.

We then created a comprehensive collection of collateral, including business cards, letterheads and templates featuring an elegant colour palette. We also designed a fully responsive website using large city skylines to emphasise the global nature of the business.

Check out the website here.


– Website users increased by 68% over four weeks
– Website sessions increased by 75% over four weeks
– Page views increased by 66% over four weeks

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