Literary Executors

Brand identity and website

Literary Executors is a comprehensive resource set up by literary agents Peters Fraser & Dunlop to assist people with the handling of a literary estate inherited from a deceased author. The website can assist them with knowledge and information on law, accounting and literary representation.

We were asked to create a logo to reflect the core aims of the Literary Executors resource and then to develop a website.

Our recommendations were:

• Protection – Keeping the estate safe and secure
• Concise – Making a resource that’s easy to understand
• Highlight – Focus on what the Literary Executors is about through language

Having established their core proposition, we developed the logo; Two bookends featuring lions as a symbol of courage and protection. One lion holds a key and the other clasps a pen to represent security and authorship. The bookends can then be used as a framing device to contain and highlight text.

Visit the website here

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