The Hamptons

Residential property marketing campaign

St James deliver residential developments from the regeneration of redundant sites. An opportunity arose to develop a substantial site of disused land at Worcester Park, the size of St James’ Park in London.

The large space was the inspiration for the scheme and the architects suggested designing a community of homes around a large open park, with balconies and terraces; very much like New England homes, where the views are so fabulous that houses are designed around it.

Our remit was to design a marketing brochure, website, marketing suite and hoardings.

The thinking came from the combinations of elements that come together to form the scheme. We developed this around an ampersand and featured combinations of images that highlighted different aspects.

We used natural materials and nature’s colours to showcase the messages. We suggested the marketing brochure told the story of how the thinking came together, from the architect’s perspective, then the interior designers, the landscape architects and the environmental planner.

This made a compelling case for buying here. Phase One was successfully sold from plan.

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