Scottish Opera

Brand identity

Scottish Opera is Scotland’s national opera company and the largest performing arts organisation in Scotland, committed to bringing the widest range of opera, performed to the highest standards, to the maximum audience throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom. It constantly seeks to maintain and extend its audience and develop new relationships with the business community and is also committed to delivering socially inclusive outreach and education work that will benefit communities throughout Scotland.

The brief was to create an identity that would challenge the perception of opera as the preserve of rich people, aesthetes, and corporate freeloaders, and make it more accessible to a wider audience – the brief was to ‘Open Up Opera’.

The solution is based on taking the ‘O’ of Opera and opening it up to form the ‘S’ of Scotland. The resulting mark is also reminiscent of opera singers shattering glasses with their voices. The angle created in the mark was then used in Scottish Opera typography and imagery to make collateral ownable.

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