Brand identity

Health and wellbeing company, Well.Me, improve how organisations look after the welfare of their employees. They have developed the ‘Wellpoint health kiosk’ as well as the ‘Well.Me digital platform’. These both help ‘provide easy and convenient access to health screening, removing traditional barriers and engaging individuals who rarely or never see a health professional.’ They count the NHS, BBC, RNLI and BMW (to name a few) as their clients.

Our work for them began back in early 2019 when we produced a brochure and exhibition graphics which were such a big success that they came back to us later in the year to take a look at their branding and website.

We started with a workshop to get underneath the skin of the organisation, the day culminated in us creating the core proposition: ‘Better health. Better productivity’. We then refreshed their logo to appeal to a business audience. The previous one looked like a consumer brand. We also created an ownable visual language for them: a continuous line that represents the journey from your current fitness and wellbeing to improved health. The line acts as a powerful and flexible device that creates icons and interacts with cutout imagery across various touchpoints.

Following the success of the previously mentioned brochure and exhibition graphics we refreshed these with the new branding for this year’s trade show at the NEC. These were also successful in helping Well.Me stand out from their competitors and enjoy another successful event. As well as this we have redesigned their B2B website and designed collateral.

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